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Hello sweethearts 。゚(ノ∀`)゚

I'm trying to keep a themed blog going on here with the following below:
✿ Anime scenery
✿ Sometimes other fandoms (rarely)

Dont be shy ~ Talk to me! I'm open for everything!♥
You are welcome to add me on Line if you'd like to chat as well! (Raypaii)
The hair is so cute ~ I think that big and round eyes would suit this pretty well :3
Thank you!! ;u; <3
Yeah, I’m trying to make some eyes on her.. but god its so hard D: Either they are too big, too small, the shape is wrong, too far up and too far down I: Its so easy to mess up the whole drawing if you dont get the eyes right! D:

But I really want her to have those big cute eyes!

Okay, so trying to draw my tera character here (note that I’m all new to drawing and stuff, so I still suck I: )
BUT do any of you guys have tips on eyes, lips and noses? Or other stuff?!

Right now I’m just trying out different drawing methods to see what suits me and what I might be good at? (I know for a fact that I really suck at clothes) 
Btw, this is just a rough sketch so far so I fill still fix her!^^, 

airisu sent: hii, I just read your post and yeah, I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for that and I wish you and your dog the best of luck! I hadn't seen that post about her before but I looked it up now and she looks really sweet c: also I really love your blog and yeah, I just wanted you to know that I do care. Maybe this doesn't make a lot of difference but oh well haha, keep it up, I think you're great ^^

Aww!! That made me smile.. thank you ;u; <3
No it does matter a lot to me, really. 

I also assumed that some people havent seen it of course, but I’m glad you got my point anyway!

And thank you again for all your kind words. I really do appreciate it. <33
(Hope you have a wonderful day !) 

My mom is going back with her to the vet tomorrow to get answers on her bloodsamples. I cant come with her because I’m at work, but I’m crossing my fingers! It didnt seem to serious, but either way she is getting old and dont have much time left, so we have to be prepared and face the fact that she doesnt have long left.

mashironn sent: I think the biggest problem is that some people are just too shy, I know it hurts and it seems like no one cares, but I'm sure a looot of people do care :3

That might be true. I’m shy myself, so I know the feeling. Even tho its a shame that people feel shy around me, they really shouldnt ;u; but its not the easiest thing saying that to someone who are shy.

But thank you <3

I’m getting kind of tired. I guess artists can see themself in this?
For example when they draw there is a huge amount favoriting their art, but they dont care to leave a comment for the artist.
I have a huge amount that reblogs something, but when I write something people dont care to respond. (which kind of hurt me a bit when I had a horrible day because of my dog)

Makes me kind of tired of tumbr to see that most people dont really care? For those who really cares, thank you <3